How We Rank?

Want to know how we scored each brokerage? Below are the parameters that we used for grading each investment firm that we reviewed. Every parameter has been given much importance and the total score is 100. We believe that this is the best scoring method possible to give you an unbiased and objective review of the best investment firms offering spread betting services today.

Spread Betting Platforms: 20

We evaluated the quality of the platforms that are offered by the broker including the features. Please take note that only the spread betting platforms were covered in this review.

Score: 20

Market Coverage: 15

We have checked the markets that are offered by each broker. Also taken into consideration are the range of markets that are included.

Score: 15

Minimum Deposit: 10

How much do you need to deposit in order to open an account and trade? This factor is taken into consideration since different brokers have different capital requirements.

Score: 10

Spread Betting Advantages: 20

This factor has a strong impact on your risk management strategy. Determining which lot size will work best for you will depend on your trading style but a smaller one is generally the better since you have more flexibility in managing your trades.

Score: 20

Customer Support: 15

The support team is tested not only for the speed and quality of service that they provide but also for their availability and way of being contacted since they serve as the first point of contact of traders.

Score: 15

Reliability - Score: 20

The background of the broker is checked and evaluated to determine if they have a good credibility in the industry. This can be done by determining if they have passed the requirements for regulation from financial authorities and if the feedbacks are coming from real traders are positive.

Score: 20